Product Spotlight

UPTON’s Ch’eesey Bacon Mac

Vegan Bacon Mac is a mainstay on the menu at Upton’s Chicago cafe, Upton’s Breakroom. They’ve decided to share the wealth so that you can enjoy this delicious meal when you can’t come in for a visit.

Upton’s make their signature Ch’eesy Bacon Mac sauce with real ingredients and pair it with their Bacon Seitan and cooked noodles. All you’ll need to do is heat, mix, and enjoy!

“A Real Meal made with Real Food.”

Product Spotlight

TO-GO Ware Bamboo Utensil Set

Founded in 2004, TO-GO Ware is committed to inspiring healthy lifestyle through food, community, and planet by providing products that are:

  • innovative
  • safe
  • environmentally responsible
  • affordable
  • convenient

TO-GO Ware brings common sense to the convenience of out “to-go” culture. By prodiving people with sustainable solutions and ealthful alternatives to plastic waste, we hope to make the “throw-away” mentality a thing of the past. We ask you to participate in the process of positive change.

Utensil sets are BPA free, phthalate-free, CPSC tested & approved, food-safe, won’t stain or absorb flavors, and are made from renewable materials.

“Choose to reuse.”

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