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Kombucha Kits now in stock!

Kombucha Kits now in stock!

Have you seen our Craft a Brew Complete Kombucha Kits? These kits deliver everything you need to brew your own kombucha in two weeks!

One Kombucha Starter Kit comes with the following:

  • A guide to brewing your kombucha
  • A tight weaved cloth and a rubber band
  • Organic black tea
  • One gallon glass jar
  • Organic cane sugar
  • Your SCOBY (mailed directly to you after purchase!)
Our kombucha kits can be found in our tea and coffee section toward the back of the store

This Quarter’s Register Round Up

Happy October, everyone!

Because of the new quarter, a new non-profit is participating in our Register Round Up program! From now until the end of October, we will be raising money for Avian Conservation Center of Appalachia!

The Avian Conservation Center of Appalachia (ACCA)’s mission is to conserve the region’s wild birds through education, research, and rehabilitation. They care for injured birds found around the region and the veterinarians perform an immediate examination. The birds are then nursed back to health and released into the wild. Some birds cannot be released back into the wild due to their injuries so they become part of the ACCA’s educational programs!

Their mission statement and website are linked above

Maple Syrup in Morgantown

Optimist & Goddess Field Trip

We are proudly featuring Optimist & Goddess Maple Syrup! We had the opportunity to meet up with one of our member-owners, Llew Williams, who happily gave us a tour of his small-scale Maple Syrup farm right here in Morgantown. Check out the video below!

Now available at Mountain People’s Co-op! 🙂

Filmed by Tyler Channell, a native West Virginian who works in the Media Journalism department at West Virginia University. Thanks Tyler!

The Magic Moonbeam Farm

Written by Gaby Carstens, Mountain People’s Co-Op Vice President

Down an old West Virginia gravel road, we drove, the autumn colored leaves fell over us from the tall trees that appeared as though they had lived there forever. The sun peeked through the trees, slowly helping to dry the muddy ground the recent fall rain had left behind. “I haven’t really spent any time in Maidsville”, I told Tia, the grocery manager at Mountain People’s Co-op. Neither of us had been there before, we discovered, but we were so glad to be on our way. Questioning each “left or right” turn decision we made, we would eventually arrive at The Magic Moon Beam Farm.

[They] scattered around the front of her property, clucking and hopping around like happy chickens do.

A woman named Tammy and a few of her family dogs, sweetly welcomed us to explore her very own operation. We visited on behalf of the Mountain People’s Co-op board to see where the magic happens— the place where her organic produce is grown for our community to enjoy. It was clear to me, right away, that Tammy is proud and passionate about her farm as she explained how it came to be. She shared with us how she took it one step at a time, carefully planning her farm’s expansion as she always had her children’s well-being to consider. Listening to her, I could feel her warmth; she’s one of those special people who radiates kindness without trying.

Our tour began with a walk over to the chicken coop. “Tell me when you’re ready,” she said, with her hand on the latch, ready to pull open the coop door. Tia and I couldn’t help but to giggle as the chickens scrambled out of their coop, like school children let out for recess. Then, she opened another door and all of a sudden, we were standing in the middle of at least 60 chickens. Brown, white, and some black Sex Link chickens scattered around the front of her property, clucking and hopping around like happy chickens do. They hobbled away and had the freedom to strut where they pleased.

We crunched through the leaves as we walked to a small building where several heat lamps hung from the ceiling. Tammy told us that she grows her own seeds and if she can’t start a plant from a seed she will not grow it. I found myself becoming more impressed with her as she spoke of her methods. “This is a woman who loves what she does,” I thought, as she told us about the thousands of seeds she sows inside of the little building.

I sensed her immense gratitude for the creatures as she spoke of their contribution to the farm’s magical dynamic.

The high tunnel is located just a short distance from the seed house. I walked inside the spacious green house; my eyes were drawn to the transparent roof, featuring a red and orange leaf collage created by November’s arrival. The garden seemed to be resting now—all of the produce had already come and gone. I imagined the vibrant colors that would return as Tammy talked about the abundance of tomatoes, green beans, squash, peppers, and kale that flourish each year inside these walls. Through diligent experimentation, over nearly a decade, she has found ways to protect her crops without ever using pesticides or insecticides. She plants herbs and flowers such as tobacco, lavender and nasturtium that will benefit her garden by attracting a variety of pollinators and helpful insects. So many hummingbirds, spiders, bees, lady bugs, toads and praying mantises will work collectively to have a positive impact on each season’s yield. I sensed her immense gratitude for the creatures as she spoke of their contribution to the farm’s magical dynamic.

We walked out of the green house and took just a few steps toward a white wooden box with a couple of drawers. We were looking at a Langstroth hive which housed over 30,000 hard- working bees. Some of them were out, crawling and buzzing around the box as if they wanted to make the best of the days sunny, dry weather. “I sit by the hive all the time, so the bees will know me,” Tammy explained, perhaps sharing the secret to her success with the thriving colony. We bid farewell to the bees and then walked back to the driveway to say our own goodbyes.

Just before we left, I asked Tammy, “What does this farm mean to you?” She paused for a couple of seconds and then told me, “It is my peace”. After today’s experience, I saw for myself that Tammy’s love and dedication is what makes the magic happen at The Magic Moonbeam Farm.

You can taste the love in all she grows, and I am grateful that she continues to share her “peace” with us.

As a community, we are fortunate to have access to the fruits of her labor through our own Mountain People’s Co-op grocery store, the place where she sells the majority of her goods. You can taste the love in all she grows, and I am grateful that she continues to share her “peace” with us.

Herb of the Month

Black Walnut Hulls

(Juglans nigra)

Juglans nigra, known as black walnut, is a hardwood tree that grows naturally in North America and some European countries. The tree produces edible fruits that contain flavonoids, quinones, and polyphenols, which are known for their antineoplastic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and neuroprotective properties. Today the hulls are used to help with numerous conditions. One of the key active components of the black walnut hull is juglone. Juglone is known for its antifungal and antimicrobial properties, which exerts its effects by inhibiting certain enzymes needed for metabolic function. Its highly toxic to many insect herbivores; making it a great natural pesticide for organic farmers.

The juice from unripe black walnut hulls has been used in folk medicine for many years as a treatment for internal and topical fungal infections. It is also quite effective against parasites such as: ringworm, tapeworm, pin or thread worm, and other parasites in the intestine. One of my personal favorite uses for black walnut hulls is for promoting healthy skin. The tannins within the hulls have an astringent effect, which is used to relieve irritation and tighten the epidermis. Making it a great candidate for skin issues such as: eczema, psoriasis, viral worts, acne, and poison ivy.

Product Spotlight

UPTON’s Ch’eesey Bacon Mac

Vegan Bacon Mac is a mainstay on the menu at Upton’s Chicago cafe, Upton’s Breakroom. They’ve decided to share the wealth so that you can enjoy this delicious meal when you can’t come in for a visit.

Upton’s make their signature Ch’eesy Bacon Mac sauce with real ingredients and pair it with their Bacon Seitan and cooked noodles. All you’ll need to do is heat, mix, and enjoy!

“A Real Meal made with Real Food.”



Expo East

Written by Tia Johnson, Grocery Manager

This year I as able to attend “The Natural Products Expo East” in Baltimore, MD, which took place Wednesday, September 12th through Saturday, September 15th, 2018 at the Baltimore Convention Center. During this trade show the most important manufacturers of organic/natural health meet to receive the best comprehensive information about the latest products, developments, and popular trends that are on the rise. The convention is set up with several booths of various exhibitors where retailers, distributors, manufacturers, investors, and suppliers are able to meet-and-greet and create opportunity. This convention is one of the largest exhibitions of its kind on the east coast.

Herb of the Month

Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola

(Centella Asiatella, Brahmi)

Gotu Kola is a low growing perennial her in the carrot family, Apiaceae, which likes hot moist climates in the South and Southeast Asian tropics. Centella loves to grow near slow moving water and swampy areas; it has small round green leaves with white, light purple or pink flowers and it produces oval shaped fruit that are typically discarded due to their bitter taste. Legend has it that Sri Lankan’s observed elephants eating wild growing Gotu Kola and decided to try it themselves, then discovering the plant’s medicinal properties.

The plant’s benefits range from greatly improving memory, restoring brain cell and nerve function to improving blood quality, circulation, restoring digestion, and speeding up the healing process of wounds. It’s because of these qualities that centalla is known across Asia as the longevity herb. Ideal for those looking for a cognitive boost without any unwanted side effects of stimulants, which makes it of particular interest in our demanding modern world.

In Ayurvedic medicine, it is classified as the rejuvenate herb due to its ability to restore health, balance and functioning of the body and mind. As such, it has been used as an anti-anxiety, anti-stress and insomnia medicine through its long use in history. In nature, form follows function; Gotu Kola is highly reminiscent of the shape of the human brain, so it should come as no surprise why this medicinal plant is valued among Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine.

Product Spotlight

TO-GO Ware Bamboo Utensil Set

Founded in 2004, TO-GO Ware is committed to inspiring healthy lifestyle through food, community, and planet by providing products that are:

  • innovative
  • safe
  • environmentally responsible
  • affordable
  • convenient

TO-GO Ware brings common sense to the convenience of out “to-go” culture. By prodiving people with sustainable solutions and ealthful alternatives to plastic waste, we hope to make the “throw-away” mentality a thing of the past. We ask you to participate in the process of positive change.

Utensil sets are BPA free, phthalate-free, CPSC tested & approved, food-safe, won’t stain or absorb flavors, and are made from renewable materials.

“Choose to reuse.”

Visit Website

Featured Brand

Good Clean Love

Good Clean Love’s mission is to increase the awareness and experience of love in the world. Their business offers all natural, organic feminine hygiene and premium intimacy products to enhance your ability to enjoy the passionate side of life. Good Clean Love uses organic whenever possible, and always uses natural ingredients. You can rest assured their products will never contain petrochemicals. 

We even put love and care into our packaging. Good Clean Love is the only organic feminine care and intimacy product company using green plastics made of recyclable sugar cane.